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Main Objectives
The following are the main objectives of the Association:-

1] To Promote & Protect Resin Industry:
To promote and protect the character and status of manufacturers and dealers of synthetic Resins, polymers and allied products, to guide in fixing and maintenance of standards of quality and to promote honourable practices and prevent and suppress malpractices in such manufacturers and to promote co-operation between all persons engaged in India, as manufacturers of or dealers in synthetic Resins and polymers.

2] To Deal with Privileges and Duties:
To deal with all questions relating to the rights, privileges and duties of manufacturers of Resins, polymers and allied products and to establish co-operation among the members in resolving various problems of synthetic Resins / polymer industry.

3] Research in Resin Field:
To conduct research in pure and applied field relevant to Synthetic Resin / Polymer industry and to lay down suitable standards, quality, specifications for Resins / Polymers produced and marketed by the members, as well as raw material used in their manufacture: where necessary either directly on consultation with other Government of Public bodies and to start laboratories and other technical research initiated for said purpose.

4] Technological Upgradation:
To improve and elevate the technical and general knowledge of persons engaged in manufacture of Synthetic Resins, Polymers and other allied industries and to diffuse among its members information on all matters affecting such manufacturers and to print, publish issue and circulate such papers, books journals, leaflets and circulars as may be conducive to any of these objects, and to distribute prizes and promote trophies for acts of outstanding works on creativity.

5] Patent & Designs:
To acquire assist or arrange for claiming patent rights, trademarks, designs and other intellectual property rights.

6] To Promote Exports:
To promote exports, to organise market studies abroad, to send out Trade Delegations to foreign countries, to conduct propaganda and publicity to bring to notice of dealers and public in foreign countries the advantage of trade and commerce with India, in Synthetic Resins, Polymer and other allied products and to disseminate information among the members of the company in export promotion activities.

7] Representation to Governments:
To promote or oppose legislative and / or other measures affecting Resins, Polymers and other allied industry initiated by any Central or State Government or any other body outside India.

8] Settlements of Disputes:
To act as arbitrator or to appoint arbitrators, to act in settlement of disputes arising out of transaction in or relating to Synthetic Resins and Polymers and other allied products and to adjudicate on controversies and disputes between members as well as non-members and to act as Umpire or Referee.

9] To Secure Reasonable Statutory Levies:
To secure the best and most favourable tariffs, customs, excise, rebates and other rates, taxes, cesses, tolls town duties, octroi, local charges and such other rates from Government / Semi Govt, Railways, Ships, Air transport, Motor Transport of commodities. In which members are interested and to secure equitable rules for ascertaining. Levying, collecting of such duties as is found necessary.

10] Code of Practice:
To form code or codes of practice in order to simplify and facilitate transaction of business.

11] Seminars & Exhibitions:
To organise exhibitions, trade fairs, seminars and or to participate in such fairs in India or outside to augment the efforts of Synthetic Resin and Polymer industry, to acquaint the consumers, governmental agencies and World Trade circles, the strength of Indian "Resin and Polymer products" through audio visual programmes and multi media communication.

12] Technical Workshops:
IRMA has been growing by helping the Resins industry in many ways e. g. by representing before the Government to protect the interest of its members, by conducting seminars and workshops etc.

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