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INDIAN RESINS MANUFACTURERS' ASSOCIATION (IRMA) is an all India body exclusively representing Resins manufacturers countrywide. IRMA is a non-profit organization and is incorporated under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956. It has been established to promote and protect the interests of its members in the Resins industry.

Like any great mission the movement to form an exclusive association of Resin people was initiated in the mid 1980s by a handful visionaries. The association owes a great deal of gratitude for its present form to its past Chairmen Mr. Amar Vakil, Mr. Vinay Joshi, Mr. D.M.Sathaye, Mr. J.K.Vakharia, Mr. Nimesh Patel, Dr. K.K.Saxena, Mr. D.G.Parikh, Mr. Ashok Mehta, Mr. Vicky Kapur, Mr. Ballal Chandrachud, Mr. Ashok Goklani, Dr. Prashant Samant, Mr. Bhupendra G. Sakaria and Mr. Siddharth Shah.

The Association comprises of Members who are its backbone and Associate Members whose association gives strength to the organization.

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