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To have better focus on the goal and achieve best results the following Committees have been formed and the members of the Committees have been mentioned here:-

1] Membership Committee - Mr.Bhupendra Sakaria

2] Programme & Entertainment Committee – Mr. Siddharth Shah and Mr. Rupen Choksi

3] Technical / Seminar / Workshop Committee - Mr. Ballal Chandrachud, Mr. Ashok Goklani, Dr. Prashant Samant and Dr. M.K. Shenoy

4] Legal Committee (representation to Govt., Data Collection etc.) - Mr. Nirav Raveshia, Mr. T.R. Raghuraman and Mr. Siddharth Shah

The Committee will function under the overall incharge of Chairman, Mr. Vicky Kapur. The Committee heads are authorized to select their own committee members either from Management Committee or from IRMA members.

IRMA has conducted various Workshops till date, the recent ones being "Know your major raw materials" and "Resin Process Technology". There are also books published on these subjects & the book on "Resin Process Technology" are available at (IRMA office).

In case you wish to have it, please approach the (IRMA office).


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